Retro Reflectives

Retro Reflectives make vintage inspired cycling accessories, using modern reflective technology but with retro styling and recycled, bio-degradable packaging. 

We take everyday accessories like a vest, reflective belt and wrist or ankle bands, then add a twist, using heritage patterns, like argyle, houndstooth, camouflage, even the Union Jack!

The vests are silver reflective, heat printed on fluoro orange, and are as visible (and feature more reflective) at dusk than your basic "builder's" vest.

The belts and bands prove any pattern can light up after dark, and the use of designs like Houndstooth, Leopard print, checks and bright camouflage colours mean they still stand out in daylight.

The bands are currently available in 13 patterns, the belts are in 10 patterns and the ‘Union Jack’ vests (orange only) are flying the fluoro flag in a limited edition of a thousand.

We're currently in more than 25 stores across the UK, mainly independent bike stores, but also Paul Smith and national chains like Cycle Surgery.

Our card packaging is 100% re-cycled, the cellophane bags are cellulose-based and totally bio-degradable.

For cyclists, equestrians, joggers, (and everybody else) day or night.

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