Retro Reflectives


 Check out this review of our red houndstooth on Road CC "A clever way of remaining conspicuous in the saddle yet suitably chic around town"

Vizavee's Sam Browne belt is a contemporary take on a commuter staple that attracts the right sort of attention on or off the bike, regardless of whether you're wearing club or street threads.

Retro reflectives is a clever play on words too, referring to both the style and technical nature of the materials that beam back under the glare of vehicle headlights.

A choice of four colour schemes are printed on PVC using transparent inks for maximum UV resistance. This also means they're easily wiped down. Detailing elsewhere is sharp. Sturdy plastic buckles mean it snaps on and off in seconds, while the moleskin backing prevents unwelcome slippage and provides a secure mounting point for blinkies.

Designed with cycling in mind, its also intended for other vulnerable road users such as scooterists/motorcyclists and horse-riders. The latter is quite significant when it comes to sizing, Visavee have plumped for a one- fits most M/L supposedly gracing waists between 28 and 40 inches. Suffice to say, ours adjusted to my thirty-two in a matter of seconds and was largely unnoticed in the saddle. However, it wasn't readily adaptable to thicker layers or indeed a motorcycle jacket, so some further length would be welcomed in these contexts.

Incognito by day, the houndstooth pattern came alive from a distance of around two hundred and fifty yards on clear nights and unlit stretches, especially at junctions and roundabouts. Round town this falls to around 150. Red wasn't so effective in overcast conditions though, so I'd be inclined towards the orange/fairisle if you didn't fancy adding LEDs.


A clever way of remaining conspicuous in the saddle yet suitably chic around town.

Written by christian cotterill — November 09, 2012